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Tram facts hidden away

ken_big.jpgThe Mayor said today at his press conference that the new tram survey had been published on the TfL website yesterday. Yes, but you really have to know where to find it.

  • First of all click on the Trams tab at the top of the page
  • Then click on the West London Tram Update link or graphic second item down
  • Then click the Market research item off the menu on the left
  • Then click the October 2006 link off the list.

Do you get the impression that these creeps don’t want you to read this report?

Here is the link.

At his press conference today the Mayor tried to pre-empt any questions by focusing on the headline 44% against to 40% for numbers and trying to confuse people with the margin for error of +/-3%. The detail, see below, totally destroys his argument which is essentially that people are only marginally against it after three years of his opponents making all of the running. If you want to hear the man himself follow the link and move the slider to 16 minutes 53 seconds into the conference.

One reply on “Tram facts hidden away”

Today’s exchange on Kiley’s consultancy payments (£3K per day) in brief:

RE: How many days of his contract has he worked?

KL: Dunno, but I trust him.

RE: Fine, how many days does he say he’s worked?

KL: Dunno.

RE: How many times have you met Kiley since his consultancy began?

KL: Not saying….

RE: Has Kiley been in this country, or abroad?

KL: Dunno – and I dunno why you’re asking all these awkward questions when I’ve already said I’m not going to anser them….

Well it’s called ACCOUNTABILITY Mr Mayor, and it still exists (but only just).

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