Ealing and Northfield

Council meeting tonight

Townhall.jpgFor you politics junkies there is a full council meeting tonight at 7pm. Often these can be a little dull but tonight’s promises to be a humdinger, see the agenda.

The opposition is tabling a motion on Northala Park. It is being tabled by Cllr Mahfouz who likes to think of himself as the Labour hard man. There will also be a petition from Pastor David Wise, who would maybe do well to avoid such a politcal subject. Jason Stacey, the new Conservative council leader, has spotted that phase 2 of this project “has no clothes” and will stand his ground in the face of this attack. Labour want to play double or quits with public money and we want to concentrate on the priorities we were elected to deliver.

Whilst Mahfouz is huffing and puffing about the loss of a few bells and whistles at Northala Park the Labour councillors can’t be bothered to address the important stuff at the Health, Housing and Adult Social Service Panel (see previous posting). It is a bit rubbish Labour preening on this relatively trivial issue while they cannot be bothered to do the hard work of working their way through fat papers on subjects such as health, housing and social services.

Anyway it should be entertaining so come on down to the Town Hall for 7pm. Get there in plenty of time and grab a seat in the gallery. It is your council.