Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Caribbean Showcase – Emperor Livingstone’s bread and circuses

Caribbean Showcase.gifToday Roger Evans AM, the Conservatives’ transport spokesman on the GLA highlights spending on the Caribbean Showcase on his blog.

At the last but one Mayor’s questions on 13th September Damian Hockney asked about the funding of the Showcase, the Mayor’s Notting Hill Carnivall spoiler. It cost £308K. The Fibbing Mayor does not simply say “I paid for practically all of it with your precept money that I am supposed to spend on policemen really”. No he tries to obfuscate:

  • the GLA only spent £68K
  • the LDA, which is part of the GLA, only spent £120K
  • my little sub-quango Creative London, which is part of the LDA, only spent £95K
  • I made TfL and the London Fire Brigade spend a couple of grand each for stalls.

On 11th October, at LDA questions Damian Hockney kept up his attack by asking what criteria the LDA used to decide to support spending £215K on this farce. They still have to reply to the question. More on this later.

So all-in-all the Mayor wasted £287K of our precept cash trying to force the Notting Hill Carnival to do what he says. No doubt he tells them in private meetings that if they bend to his will they can have this cash for the Carnival. Once he has made them move to the park he will take the money away no doubt.