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Boston Manor CPZ consultation

The results of this consultation have been published on the council’s website. They make interesting reading and the council’s officer should be congratulated on the thorough job that they have done.

Over 1600 questionnaires were sent out and almost half of them came back in usable form showing how contentious this issue is. Responding to previous complaints that a blanket approach had been taken the results of this consultation were broken down street-by-street, even by sections of streets in places. This break down shows, perhaps unsurprisingly, that the main problem is Boston Manor tube station.

Boston Manor CPZ

Your three Northfield councillors spent much of last winter campaigning around Northfield and we talked to many of these residents more than once. For everyone who was enthusiastic for a CPZ there was someone else equally enthusiastic for the status quo, even very near to the station. Overall almost 3/4 of those responding were against a CPZ so it would be quite easy to justify doing nothing.

In the Conservative manifesto for the local elections we said:

Every year Ealing Council introduces more and more Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) across the borough. Conservatives in Ealing do support CPZs but only where a clear majority of residents in an area support it. A Conservative run Ealing Council will tighten up the process for introducing new CPZs and we will freeze the cost of CPZ permits for the lifetime of the next council.

The Northfield councillors are minded to support a very small CPZ immediately adjacent to the tube station. The proposal will be discussed at the next Ealing and Hanwell Area Committees.

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