Ex-Mayor Livingstone High tax, low pay

Boris Johnson reveals reality of low pay, high tax Britain

Writing in today’s Telegraph, Boris Johnson describes the plight of an RAF logistics worker who is paid £11,500 a year, or £958 a month – around the minimum wage level. She has to pay £116 in tax and £61 in National Insurance which is just another tax. Earning so little she is being taxed at a rate of 18% even before she pays Council Tax at a rate of £118 a month.

All of those middle class types who are guilty about their own good fortune and hence supportive of high taxes forget about the low paid and pensioners who have to eke out every penny and would rather not pay for a load of those same middle class types to have unproductive jobs on quangos and the suchlike.

In the same paper, on the same day the London Development Agency, a part of the Mayor’s wasteful empire, is looking to spend £35K per annum on an Equality & Diversity Manager.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and knowledgeable equality specialist to work within the LDA Equality and Diversity team on a six month contract.

You will play a pivotal role in driving forward the Gender Equality agenda whilst developing new areas of LDA work such as a focus on migrant workers and forging links with the Commission for Equality and Human Rights. As well as contributing to GLA group programmes and the development of internal projects, policies and strategies you will also provide agency wide leadership on Equality and Community Cohesion Impact Assessment.

You will be a committed and flexible self-starter with a proven track record of putting strategic and policy decisions into practice. You will also require exceptional political sensitivity, influencing ability and a thorough understanding of legislation and issues affecting London’s diverse and multi-racial communities.

So instead of spending public money bringing economic developnment to London the twits at LDA are spending our RAF lady’s hard earned cash on rubbish. It takes the tax from about 16 low-paid people to pay for one Equality & Diversity Manager. Doh!

In reality it is much worse than that as it is not costless to collect tax and the E&D Manager is not costless to employ. Let’s double the number of low-paid people required to support this drone if we want a realistic idea – 32.