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Storming the 33 Creighton Road fortress

Ealing logo.bmpThis morning at 10am I joined staff from the council to see them tackle 33 Creighton road. The resident here has effectively turned his home into a fortress piling up large amounts of building materials and rubbish in his front garden, the alleys to the side and rear and his rear garden. Although I was glad to see the council taking action I felt sorry for the chap having his home intruded on. We do have to consider the neighbours though who have had to put up with this eyesore for over a year.

The process has been somewhat long-winded. A planning enforcement notice was served at the end of March this year. What with legal notice periods and the time taken to co-ordinate various groups of people it has taken fully six months to get to this stage.

We can only hope that the resident will now stop pilling this material up. Whilst we would love to leave him alone he can be sure that we wil be back if he does start again.

One reply on “Storming the 33 Creighton Road fortress”

If you really feel sorry for the ‘chap’ you will leave him alone and not publicly humiliate him. People in this position have to work hard to get themselves well and this bad behaviour of yours, showing a boyish delight in getting the press in to film his home and show it on the internet, delays recovery for quite some time. You were being totally irresponsible. I hope some day you fully realise how vulnerable we all are, and how easily this could happen to any-one, ironically more easily to those who vainly believe themselves to be mentally strong.

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