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Mayor’s inflation busting fare rises

oystercard.jpgToday the London Mayor has announced inflation busting fare rises for buses and tubes. See press release. The tube package means fares go up by RPI + 1%. The bus package is an eye watering RPI + 3.8%.

Some people think I am a bit strong calling Livingstone a liar. He probably does not lie. He just stretches the truth to the point where you cannot believe anything he says. For instance, you have to be really sharp to realise that whilst the government uses CPI as a measure of inflation to ensure that benefit rises are low, the RPI is typically about 1% higher than the CPI. This is not a downright lie it is just crap though all the same. Benefit claimants getting on buses won’t get the distinction. If claimants are not au fait with the new technology of Oyster cards they’ll be paying £2 a journey. Funny how that 33% price increase is not the headline. Even with an Oyster card off peak bus fares will go up 25% from 80p to £1.

Don’t forget that at the same time the Transport for London is spending £78 million a year on advertising.

There is no need for these fare increases.

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Perhaps the increase in Tube fares will ensure that more people buy Oyster cards, which are becoming increasingly popular.

The advertising point is an interesting one. With more migration into London and thousands more people commuting into London from the Home Counties, TfL might be trying to reach those who don’t know a lot about the services they provide.

Just a thought.

[…] I commented on these fare rises in September (see previous posting). The most weasely bit of the press release is where they talk about tube fares rising by RPI + 1% and bus fares rising by RPI + 3.8%. Shame our salaries and benefits are not rising so fast. Don’t forget Brown usually increases benefits by CPI which is typically 1% lower than RPI so pants-on-fire Livingstone is telling porkies even when he pretends to be talking straight. […]

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