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Lords of Transport are marching

TfL Report cover 2006.gifThe most startling part of the TfL Annual Report is the explosion of highly paid people being given a good living. In 2002 the “corporation” had 59 people earning over £50K. That number has shot up to 344 this last year. In the category of people paid over £100K the number has gone from 9 to 40.

The 344 are not the whole picture. Across the whole TfL “group” the number paid over £50K is a staggering 821. The group employs 76 people who earn over £100K. I always thought that straightforward transport and construction types were relatively modestly paid people. Maybe they have been bigging themselves up so much with their £78 million of ad spending, in spite of having no competitors, that they think they are worth more than they really are.

This crew keep ramping fares but still need £2 BILLION of subsidies to keep all of their balls in the air.

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Roger Evans just posted posted this but I managed to delete it rather than approve it. Doh!

I was at a fund raising dinner for the transport museum last night. There were lots of private rail and bus contractors and Livingstone did an odious speech pointing out how rich they were all getting off Londoners’ taxes. I guess they could have said the same about TfL….

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