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Speed camera people wasting cash

LSCP Ad.jpgBack in March I blogged about the London Safety Camera Partnership. I was chasing them to find out how much they were spending on their then current advertising campaign that was trying to convince young males that speeding would have consequences, eg losing your licence, costing you money, losing your job. They spent £800K on the campaign. In responding to my request for information they let on that they were actually doing research to find out the effectiveness of this spend. A suitable case for follow up I thought.

It took me three e-mails and a phone call and a further e-mail to get a response. I wrote on 20th June, 4th July, and 24th July and finally I called them on 7th August. They have sent me a copy of the research today. The date on the report was 23rd May so it was not as if it wasn’t in their hands. The conclusion of the report was:

“Attitudes towards speeding, speed cameras and the consequences of speeding have not changed but we would not expect to see a change this quickly.”

In other words if you spend £800K on ads you will have no effect. Maybe if you spend many millions over a long period you will!

No wonder it took 7 weeks for them to fess up.