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More Livingstone Tram lies

September Londoner.jpgOver the weekend the September copy of Livingstone’s £3 million a year Londoner arrived on my doorstep.

Livingstone is at his lying worst with a front page that declares “London’s buses now free for under-18s”. This is true so long as you are still in education. Because this is not a real local newspaper but a piece of political propaganda he does not bother to tell us how much this exercise is costing. It may well be good value for money and we may well think it is a good thing. But, Livingstone does not want us to worry our little heads about the costs of his projects so he refuses to tell us.

TfL September 2006 16-17 Oyster ad.JPGAnother aspect of his lying is the game he plays with using trams in the plural. There is only one tram in London, the Croydon Tramlink. In his press releases and adverts Livingstone tries to kid us that there are trams across London. The use of buses in the plural is reasonable as you can pretty much get a bus anywhere in London. The use of trams in the plural is just a Livingstone lie.

West London does not want his tram but he hopes that by twisting language like this he will win the argument subliminally. What a creep. If you go to the TfL website they carry on this silly subterfuge with the Trams section of their website.

I have today complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about TfL’s current Oyster campaign which pluralises the Croydon tram.

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