Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Green light for DJ mayor

delay race for mayor piece in eveing standard 2-8-2006 (1).jpgDelay race for mayor piece in Eveing Standard 2-8-2006 (2).jpgThe Evening Standard tonight is reporting that LBC radio DJ Nick Ferrari has been given the green light by Ofcom to take part in the race to be the Tory candidate for London mayor. They also report apparent unrest among Tory MPs about the process and the lack of high calibre candidates. The article looks more like speculation than fact.

Mayor editorial in Evening Standard 2-8-2006.jpgThe Standard is a bit all over the shop in its editorial. They fail to mention Richard Barnes who is the leading candidate so far. Doubly strange as they reported the endorsement of his candidacy by Lord Stevens only last night. They also fail to mention James Cleverly who, whilst not of the same stature as Barnes, at least was worth a mention. Perhaps the Standard is not the first place you should look for quality journalism. Better off going to where they are covering the race in much more detail, and more accuratley to boot.