Ealing and Northfield

Education, education, education

Mark Nicholson.jpgMark Nicholson, the Conservative candidate for Ealing Southall at the last election, has been engaging in some extra-curricular activity. As secretary of the Bow Group, a right of centre think tank, he has been looking at the education field and has published a
paper entitled “A for Effort, D for Results” yesterday.

He points out that education spending increased 54% in real terms between 1997 and 2004. That is great but much of it was wasted in excessive public sector inflation because teacher numbers only went up 9% between 1997 and 2006. How depressing. All the time remember that school numbers have been falling.

Worse than this much of the increase has been wasted on the bureaucracy.

  • Under 5s up 88% Good
  • Primary up 40% OK
  • Secondary up 49% OK
  • Bureaucracy up 77% REALLY CRAP

It is a shame that our superannuated MP, Piara S Khabra, cannot make the same quality of contribution to public debate. He has not bothered to speak in parliament since November last year and has restricted himself to questions since then.