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DJs messing the place up

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Today I took down a flyposter at the junction on South Ealing Road and Little Ealing Lane. A promoter of a club night at the Townhouse pub in Ealing thinks it is OK to make a mess of our neighbourhood in order to promote his or her business. No you can’t. Calling in at the pub the duty manager informed me that it was the DJ rather than the pub itself. I told her that it is the pub that will lose its licence if they cause a public nuisance.

The same people have been regularly promoting club nights at the Red Room also. The posters on plastic boards tie-wrapped to street furniture have appeared outside Northfield tube and at major junctions in the area (at least as far as I have witnessed).

It should be quite easy to stop this behaviour. I am going to write to the designated premises supervisor at both premises and remind then that their licences can be called in for review by the licensing committee if their businesses cause a public nuisance. More later.

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[…] Responding to my letter of yesterday the Assisant Manager at the Townhouse wrote today in response to my letter about their DJ flyposting (see previous posting). Quick work. He said: “I have today spoken to the promoters of the event who have assured me that all such promotional material has been removed. The advertising was done by the promoters without our prior knowledge or consent. I apologise for any inconvenience or upset this may have caused and can guarantee you that this shall not happen again in the future.” […]

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