Ealing and Northfield

Rubbish story

Bank holiday Monday is a strange day to see new policy initiatives floated. Today the Telegraph was reporting on a proposal to charge people for the rubbish they throw away, ostensibly to improve our recycling rates. They are reporting on an IPPR paper which was made available on a Sunday.

This really is the dumbest idea. There is enough fly-tipping in Northfield, Ealing and London without giving people an incentive to chuck rubbish out on the street.

For many people the only council service they actually see happening is rubbish collection. The council takes a couple of grand off them and they get their rubbish taken away. Maybe they will see a street cleaner occasionally. People are already disillusioned with the value for money provided by the council. This is a recipe for mass disengagement with local politics. Once people pay for this service they will soon vote to give the service to a private contractor and tell their council to bog off.