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TfL spend £2.6 million on brand awareness

Some idiot has sold Transport for London, Ken’s transport quango, the idea that they should develop their brand hence the Your TfL advertsing campaign currently running across television, cinema, radio and billboards.

I have been chasing TfL to fess up to how much this is all costing. TfL started using to help advertise. After three e-mails Sheila Sachania from TfL writes today with the final pieces of the jigsaw. They are spending £2.6 million on the Your TfL campaign. This includes about £1 million for telly slots, £500K for cinema, £270K for production of the ad itself and £520K for billboard sites.

Livingstone, rather than let TfL spend so much on advertising can we either have some more policemen or please give us some of our cash back.

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