BBC Radio 4 Today cannot tell the truth

The top 8:10am slot this morning on the Radio 4 Today programme was used to interview Christina Lamb who, on a slow news day, got the front page lead and a story that extended across the first four pages in yesterday’s Sunday Times. The story covered the ambush by the Taliban of men of 3 Para in Zumbelay, Afghanistan last Tuesday. In the ST we learnt that around 20 Taliban were killed in a very hairy engagement that the Paras were lucky to escape without ANY injuries let alone fatalities.

On the Today programme this morning we had a 13 minute package covering the same material. The tremulously voiced Lamb was interviewed (she should stick to print journalism as she does not come across well on radio). The line was all ill-equipped, bitten off more than we can chew, radios not working, no air support, opium, blah, blah, blah. Sarah Montague, the Today presenter, is no journalist as she managed to do 2 interviews in 13 minutes and leave out the fact that the Taliban got absolutely hosed by the British Army.

I leave it to Captain McKenzie quoted in the ST: “The Taliban are quite ingenious but they’ve probably got 25 dead blokes and we’ve got none and that speaks volumes”.