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Northfield Avenue Envirocrime

On Monday morning Ann Chapman, one of the Tory councillors for Walpole, and I went on a tour of Northfield Avenue and its surrounding areas to review envirocrime hotspots with David Stokes who is the Envirocrime Prevention Area Manager for Ealing.

We looked at:

  • a couple of houses where the resident is causing a nuisance to their neighbours
  • fly tipping at the west end of Graham Avenue
  • Felton Road which has a jungle-like verge
  • flytipping and graffiti on Brisbane Road
  • the service road north of Sainsburys and south of the Uxbridge Road at West Ealing which is being abused by the traders who leave their waste all over and is also used for flytipping.

Some of the flytippers will be in for a nasty surprise over the next few weeks as David has got the use of a mobile camera. We should be seeing some mugshots soon.

On Monday a new graffiti removal contract started with a company called MPM Graffiti Solutions, they also work for Redbridge, Hillingdon and West Sussex. It seems that the old contractor was sacked for poor performance and pretty much gave up for the last two months. This might account for some part of the apparent recent surge in graffiti in Northfield although I feel that there has also been a change in the offenders’ behaviour recently and the death of David Wetmore in December of last year (See Ealing Times link) caused a big upsurge in West Ealing.

I was impressed with David Stokes, who has only been in the job a matter of months. I think we will start to see an improvement in our local environment very quickly. Local councillors are right behind David and his team.

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