Unanimous on Tram

Last night a set piece drama unfolded in the council chamber as the whole council voted unanimously to stop the Tram. There was a “recorded” vote where each councillor has to call out their vote in turn. All the Tories answered “For” to their name. When the first Labour councillor answered For too there was a murmur in the chamber. Soon it was clear that it was going to be a unanimous vote as the Labour group voted with the Conservatives then the LibDems. There was a huge round of applause as the result was announced.

In the preceding debate the arguments against the Tram were rolled out and Labour councillors acknowledged that the people had spoken on the Tram and that the public had decided against the Tram.

As a new councillor it was a great treat to take part in the proceedings and to see the council at work. I don’t suppose I shall another unanimous vote for a while.

See Ealing press release.