Budapest tram lessons for West London

Having a break in Budapest this weekend I was interested to see their trams in operation. Their system looks quite elderly and our guide talked in terms of the system having been going throughout the length of the last century. He was clearly attached to this method of transport.

The Hungarian capital is fairly low-rise with many wide boulevards. All of the tram tracks I saw ran on special purpose lanes. Sometimes they were separate from the roads. Sometimes the lanes went down the middle of a road with one or two lanes of traffic running either side. I was interested that their trams were about 26 or 27 paces long, much smaller than those proposed for the West London Tram which will be 40 metres. I can’t see how bigger trams in smaller streets make sense in Ealing.

See BBC story.

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You will find the new trams in Budapest are much longer, many of the old short ones are being retired. The length is not the limiter, it is the wheelbase,which articulation keeps short – the rest of Europe seems to cope fine.

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