Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Londoner lies Part 1

My copy of the Mayor’s one-sided, £3 million a year Londoner arrived on Monday 20th. Apparently this is the April issue. I guess if the Mayor consistently delivers these early every month then he can justify, to himself at least, that he is not using our money to try to influence the local elections and put out a May issue at the end of April.

Londoner Lie No 1 – the US Embassy are being unreasonable in not paying the Congestion Charge. The Mayor does not say in his article that their refusal to pay coincided with the Mayor putting up the charge by 60% from £5 to £8 last July. He contends that the CC is a charge for a service not a tax. The embassy is exempt from taxation under the Treaty of Vienna. I think if you can arbitrarily raise a charge by 60% then you are a state organ taxing something not a business charging a reasonable fee for something.

The £3 million a year we pay for the Londoner allows the Mayor to tell his lies and half truths, unchallenged, at our expense.

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