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It all ads up to a lot of cash

I got two replies today as a result of enquiries into spending on ad campaigns.

LSCP Ad.jpgThe London Speed Camera Partnership is spending £800,000 on its current campaign. Louise Harrison explains that the objective of the campaign is “to raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of speeding and encourage males aged 17-24 to slow down on London’s roads”. All good stuff but it sounds to me like surpluses from speed cameras being spent on expensive adverts rather than being handed back to the Treasury. It took Louise 13 days to respond by e-mail. Pretty good.

Met SN Ad.jpgMeanwhile Commander Alfred Hitchcock at the Met is spending £300,000 on advertising the Safer Neighbourhood teams. I got his second class letter today, 33 days since I wrote. This is the “total media spend” which I suspect does not include a lot of the campaign costs let alone the devolved budgets in the boroughs for leaflets, etc.

2 replies on “It all ads up to a lot of cash”

[…] Back in March I blogged about the London Safety Camera Partnership. I was chasing them to find out how much they were spending on their then current advertising campaign that was trying to convince young males that speeding would have consequences, eg losing your licence, costing you money, losing your job. They spent £800K on the campaign. In responding to my request for information they let on that they were actually doing research to find out the effectiveness of this spend. A suitable case for follow up I thought. […]

[…] Translating this statement into real language you get: As a representative of TfL I regret that we mismanaged our finances such that we made a surplus which we had to return to central government. If we had done our job properly we would have found some wasteful activity to spend this surplus on such that we ended up with a near zero surplus. You see these partnerships are meant to return their surpluses to the Department for Transport but the people in charge would rather waste your cash. Hence their £800K ad campaign earlier this year (see previous posting). […]

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