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Ealing council failing to pursue litter bugs

Ealing Times is covering Ealing council’s inability to pursue those people given fixed penalty notices for littering. Apparently only 182 of the 904 that were issued to litter bugs in the borough last year were actually paid. What is more the council did not pursue any legal action against the people who failed to pay them.

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[…] Susan Parsonage, Head of the Council’s envirocrime unit, them talked about how the Council is working in concert with the Police and others to tackle environmental crime. It sounds like they have made a good start but that there is a long way to go. She acknowledged the council’s poor performance in enforcing Penalty Charge Notices (see previous posting) but felt that the Council’s performance should be measured in terms of improving peoples’ environments. Success in stopping the street selling of cars in Greenford needs to be repeated in many other places. […]

It’s about time the council got tough on the growing number of litterers. The local alcoholic street- drinkers in my area near Bilton Rd are particularly bad for leaving their cans and junk food wrappers all over the place, particularly the local canal. rather than fine them, have them doing a weekend of community service cleaning up their trash!

Interesting. Do we have proper information out there that to say that people should not litter?

I note that the pursuit of targets for cycling have meant in the case of Boris that he isn’t keen on helmets being mandatory (he may come to regret that one) and in the case of the Council that they won’t put up any signs to say that cycling on the pavement is illegal or tell children this either when they do their cycling at school. More balance is needed and less spin.

Walk along the route after the rubbish collection and you will see what is left behind. There seems to have been a change in the collection of cardboard. In the past large pieces of flattened cardboard would often be collected later and I also seem to remember them sometimes having stickers on them to say this. We certainly did not have to tear all our large pieces of cardboard up to fit in the green box – that was the ridiculous situation in Hounslow. The flattened cardboard I’ve seen put out for Tuesday is still there. Is the collection company reducing their own contract even more?

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