Mayor caught in a lie

Londoner Front PageAs predicted back on June 18th (see previous posting) when the Mayor announced a partial bus fare cut he is using the summer to electioneer. The August issue of The Londoner – the Mayor’s £3 million a year “freesheet” – has a totally outrageous front page headline and article followed up by a page 5 opinion piece from the Mayor.

As ever the Mayor is lying outrageously. He says:

I am pleased that the strength of London’s economy, and efficiencies achieved by Transport for London, mean that fares can now be reduced with no cut in this investment programme or financial risk to the transport budget.

This economic strength and operating efficiency creates benefits that should be returned to London.

The stuff about London’s economy is meaningless waffle and irrelevant to bus pricing.

The talk about efficiency is a lie. Back in February, after a two month wait, the Mayor wrote to me and admitted that bus subsidies would increase by £65 million in the current financial year. Click to enlarge his letter below:

Mayor's Letter dated 2nd February 2007

How is it possible to reconcile a £65 million increase in subsidy with the notion of “efficiency”? Bus costs are out of control and cannot be used as an explanation of why it is possible to cut fares. The Mayor is a liar.

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3 Responses to Mayor caught in a lie

  1. Robert Darke says:

    The miniscule increase in number of miles operated is striking when compared to the huge increase in subsidy!

  2. Phil says:

    Spot on Robert. Cost per journey is totally out of control:

    2005/6 76p/journey
    2006/7 79p/journey
    2007/8 84p/journey

    Income per journey is creeping up but it is plain to see that too many people aren’t paying:

    2005/6 52p/journey
    2006/7 54p/journey
    2007/8 56p/journey

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